Interest in Kits


Just before we go to the form, a quick word.

We intend the form to be printed off and posted back to us rather than completed online, this may seem a little archaic but there is a good reason for it. To illustrate our thinking lets assume that someone is interested it a kit and we have only one left in that batch. That person perhaps picks up a form on a Saturday afternoon at a show or has us post the form to them as they don't have an internet connection. They return the form in the post after last post on Saturday, assuming its 1st class we'd get it on Tuesday Morning. In the mean time as late as 1st thing Tuesday morning somebobey else could get their name down for that last kit.

Its a long winded, perhaps a far fetched scenario, but it could happen. Only accepting completed forms that are posted to us is the most transparent system we can come up with, its in the hands of the post office!



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