The business officially changed hands on 25/10/07. Colin then spent the week commencing 29/10/07 with Alan learning the basic skills required to produce the range of 4mm wheels and castings. We were all very pleased with the way things went over that week and Colin managed to acquire all the necessary skills to produce wheels. He then returned to base for a week to prepare for the big move and returned to Alan’s for a further week starting on 12/11/07. The business then relocated to the Oldham area over the weekend 17-18/11/07.

For those of you that don’t already know we bought the Alan Gibson business in to another business the existence of which can be traced back to 2000. I, Colin, run the Alan Gibson business and Chris looks after the existing side of things which is based around business IT support, although we both can and do get involved in each side of the business. We both have honours degrees, Chris in Chemistry and myself, in Mechanical Engineering.
For those who are interested, a little about my background, we’ll leave Chris alone as most of you are unlikely to come across him.
I was born in 1968 in Newton Heath (26A), Manchester, attended local schools and a 6th Form Collegein Manchester before gaining a position as a Junior Draughtsman in an Oldham Mechanical Handling firm. I did a Mechanical ONC on day release in a year (via credits for A levels) and then an HNC, also on day release.  During this time I progressed through draughtsman to Projects Draughtsman which was in effect a Project Engineer without the pay. After a year full time in the office working on some of the companies major projects either under the ultimate control of the MD or Technical Director I was allowed to do a degree, again day release. After 5 years I gained my honours in Mechanical Engineering with a 2/1 and although I studied at Stockport College it says Manchester University on the certificate. Being the youngest in the office the first CAD machine came my way and over the years I effectively ended up running the IT system as well projects and special purpose machine design. Eventually I was almost completely involved with IT and had a 6 month secondment to accounts helping to sort out stores and stock. I still had an involvement in Engineering and occasionally managed the odd project. Ultimately I ended up with a dual role as IT and Engineering Office Manager. The company was then bought by a competitor and after 8 months of rationalisation I resigned and started up the new company with Chris. At first we dealt entirely with IT but gradually began to be involved with subcontract engineering projects and by early 2007 had begun to remember why I had got out in the first place. At that point Alan’s business was for sale and that brings us pretty much up to the purcahse of the business.

In June 2010 Pat and Colin took complete ownership of the Alan Gibson business and are now the outright owners, although Chris took no part in the day to day running of the business he did own 50% of it.Similarly Colin shared in the revenue Chris generated in his side of the business. Chris now has NO interest in the Alan Gibson business and no connection with Colin.