G4M24 Great Eastern Railway Class Y14/L.N.E.R. Class J15 0-6-0 locomotive and Holden 2,640 gallon tender kit

Built between 1883 and 1913 a total of 289 locomotives of this Great Eastern Railway class was eventually built. Designed by T. W. Worsdell and perpetuated by successive C.M.E.s, the majority of the engines were built at the Stratford Works of the G.E.R., but 19 examples were built by Sharp Stewart. During the First World War 43 engines were loaned to the Government for service on the Continent - all but one returning for further service with the G.E.R. With the Grouping in 1923 the L.N.E.R. inherited 272 locomotives but subsequent withdrawals resulted in just 127 locomotives being taken into British Railways stock in 1948, although only 71 received their B.R. numbers. Several types of tender were attached to the engines when built but during their L.N.E.R. days the Holden 2,640 gallon type became standard throughout the class. At Stratford Works in December 1891 locomotive No. 930 was built and actually steamed in just under 10 hours — a record to this day! B.R. locomotive No. 65462 is preserved in working order on the North Norfolk Railway. For running numbers and the many variations of details I strongly recommend study of Part 5 of Locomotives of the L.NE.R. published by the R.C.T.S.

This kit is one of the most popular in our range and includes parts for some of the more substantial detail differences with a choice of four different cabs (including the Colne Valley type), two types of safety valves, two chimneys and a tender that can be fitted with a tender cab. The bodywork for the locomotive and tender is supplied as etched brass frets with a piece of specially drawn brass tubing, shaped and machined to length, being supplied for the boiler. The majority of the fittings are lost wax brass castings although a few are white metal castings. The kits also include sprung buffers, sprung pick ups, sprung hornblocks and brake gear. The chassis consists of etched brass main and tender frames. The 4mm. scale kit comes complete with the correct pattern wheels from our own ranges. A selection of etched brass smokebox number plates is supplied. Full assembly instructions together with useful notes are provided in each kit. You will require a Gearbox and a Motor to complete this kit.

This kit is available in both 4mm and 7mm.