G4M27 Great Eastern Railway Class M15/L.N.E.R. Class F4/F5 2-4-2 tank locomotive kit

Designed by T. W. Worsdell and known as “Gobblers” because of their appetite for coal, this class of Great Eastern Railway 2-4-2 tank locomotives was not a great success and only 30 were built between 1884-87. His successor, James Holden, concentrated on constructing 0-6-0 tanks in place of the 2-4-2 type, but in 1903 he started building further examples of Worsdell’s 2-4-2 design, albeit with different valve gear, and during the following six years he added a further 130 engines to the class. Between 1911 and 1920 32 locomotives were rebuilt with boilers having a higher pressure. In 1923 150 engines were taken into L.N.E.R. stock — 118 of the original locomotives which were classified Class F4 and the 32 rebuilds with higher pressure boilers becoming Class F5. Although associated with East London and East Anglia several engines were transferred in L.N.E.R. days to other areas — notably Scotland and the North East. During World War Two 16 locomotives were loaned to the Government, armour plated and assigned to coastal defences. Wholesale scrapping resulted in just 37 F4s being handed over to British Railways together with all 32 rebuilt Class F5 . All Class F4 engines had been withdrawn by 1956, but some of the F5s lingered on till 1958. For more details see Part 7 of Locomotives of the L.NE.R. published by the R.C.T.S.

The first of a trio of classic Great Eastern Railway 2-4-2 tank locomotive kits — a must for any layout set in East Anglia. The bodywork for the locomotive is supplied as etched brass frets with a piece of specially drawn brass tubing, shaped and machined to length, being supplied for the boiler. The majority of the fittings are lost wax brass castings although a few are white metal castings. The kits also include sprung buffers, sprung pick ups, sprung hornblocks and brake gear. The chassis consists of profile milled brass mainframes and comes complete with the correct pattern wheels from our own ranges. All kits include full assembly instructions together with useful notes. A Motor and Gearbox are required to complete the kit.

This is a 4mm kit and not available in 7mm