G4M48 Great Central Railway Class 9J/L.N.E.R. Class J11 0-6-0 locomotive and tender kit

Nicknamed ‘Pom-Poms’ because of their sharp exhaust bark the first examples of this popular Great Central Railway 0-6-0 appeared in 1901 and in the following 10 years a total of 174 locomotives were built. Classified by the G.C.R. as Class 9J, and later by the L.N.E.R. as Class Jil, the locomotives were designed by J. G. Robinson and the construction was shared by the Gorton Works of the G.C.R. and several outside contractors. The Great Central’s numbering was the typical hotch-potch associated with the early 1900s and initially the L.N.E.R. just added 5000 to the former G.C.R. numbers. It was not until the L.N.E.R. renumbering in 1946 that the locomotives were grouped into a single block, 4280-4453, to which 60000 was added when the entire class of 174 engines was taken into British Railways stock in 1948. Two basic types of tender were fitted to the class, i.e. a 3,250 gallon type and a 4,000 gallon type. The livery in pre-Grouping days and early L.N.E.R. days was lined black but eventually unlined black became the standard. The first withdrawals came in 1954 but it was not until 1962 that the last of the class succumbed to the cutter’s torch. No engine was saved for preservation and for further information on running numbers and the numerous detail variations I recommend study of Part 5 of Locomotives of the L.N.E.R. published by the R.C.T.S.

The Great Central Railway’s design of the typical British 0-6-0 tender locomotive. This super kit comes with alternative fittings to enable the modeller to build any member of the class, including a choice of tenders, chimneys, domes, safety valves and smokeboxes. The bodywork for the locomotive and tender is supplied as etched brass frets with a piece of specially drawn brass tubing, shaped and machined to length, being supplied for the boiler. The majority of the fittings are lost wax brass castings although a few are white metal castings. The kit also includes sprung buffers, sprung pick ups, sprung hornblocks and brake gear. The chassis consists of etched nickel silver mainframes and comes complete with the correct pattern wheels from our own ranges. Full assembly instructions together with useful notes are provided in each kit. You will require a Motor and gearbox to complete the kit.

This kit is available only in 4mm.